Spit happens!! Drooling is a fact of early childhood. As a parent you will become a professional spit wiper before your baby turns 2 years old 😀

But when it is excessive it can be a worry.

Medical reasons such as large tonsils and adenoids are common causes for drooling, mouth breathing, snoring and poor sleeping habits are the symptoms. It is always a good idea to rule out medical factors.

Activities and Advice to Reduce Drooling: Here are few activities which will reduce drooling

Reduce Sucking, and Practice Blowing, Chewing and Licking

Take away the pacifier or at the very least reduce it's use to just sleep. A toddler who walks around with a pacifier stuck in his/her mouth hurts his/her teeth, speech and mouth.

Take away the baby bottle. Move your toddler to a sippy cup. Have your toddler suck thicker drinks through a straw. Yogurt,milk shakes,pudding and fruit smoothies work great.

Blow bubbles in the bath tub water with tubing or straws.

Put smudges of food like pudding,yogurt or jelly around your toddler's lips and have him try to lick it off. If this is hard for him then first try the lip creases(sides)then go to bottom then top lip. A mirror helps here too 😘

While your baby develops these skills, we’ve got this cool little baby must-have (bandana bib) that will literally become a “life-saver” during that drooling phase as many moms have told us. 

So what exactly is a baby bandana drool bib?bandana baby bin
It is basically a baby bib stylishly designed to absorb the endless baby drool. Not only does it accessorize a baby’s cute little outfit instead of covering it, but it keeps your little one’s neck and chest DRY!

Why would I need a baby bib specifically designed for drool?
Your baby will start teething between three and six months of age and can continue through to the second or even the third birthday. Teething usually comes with excessive drooling, which can cause a drool rash around the mouth, neck, and chest.

Can’t I just wipe away my baby’s drool?
Yes, of course you can! But would you want to do it a thousand times per day? Or would you want to change your baby’s clothes 3 to 4 times a day just to keep him or her dry and comfortable? Plus, let’s not mention the endless amount of laundry you would have to do.

Okay, I get it! But why is this drool bib so much better than a regular baby bib?
Simple! The baby bandana drool bib is way more stylish than the boring traditional bib 😃 But in all seriousness, it is actually SO functional… 

The front is made of soft cotton backed by a super absorbent fleece layer. The front of the bib will get wet with all that drool, but the fleece layer will prevent the drool from sipping through to the chest or neck area. Thus, your little babe will be dry all day long.

Our Baby Bandana Bib is so much better than a traditional baby bib... here's why ?

  • Each bandana drool baby bib is made of 100% organic cotton front backed by absorbent soft thick polyester fleece.
  • Each "bandana" has 2 snaps closures for your easy instant adjust-ability (no Velcro). 
  • Soft and comfortable Baby Bib is a perfect unique best cute baby gift set for newborns, infants, toddlers, boys and girls. 
  • Accessorize your baby's clothing outfit - soft, chic, cute, trendy, fashion-forward, functional and comfy. 
  • Keep your child's clothes dry longer - Functions as a cute baby scarf and help protect against drool rash and reflux. 
  • Look super cool and fashionable unlike ordinary dribble bibs, Velcro bibs, burp cloths and burp rags.
  • Cutest fashion accessory - also, if you are a photographer this is a great baby prop / toddler prop for baby photography! 
  • They are great for droolers and teething babies. They are the perfect drool bibs!

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Here’s just what some moms like you have to say about these drool bibs:

“I love these bibs!!! They have a layer on the back of fleece or something, but whatever it is, it keeps my baby’s clothes dry and clean. I love the 2 snap so they can grow with him. He doesn't mind wearing these either. Other ones I have purchased at baby stores he pulls at. This is my 3rd pair to buy from them just because they are a great product. They also hold up very well through washing..etc. I would recommend these and feel they are worth the price because you definitely will have to buy over and over the ones from baby stores and end up spending the same amount for lower quality, and this is a purchase that will last. FYI this is baby no. 4 for us so we know a
little about this stuff lol.” - Marissa

“Loooove these! They are functional and stylish. My baby is teething and drooling a lot and they keep him dry and he looks cute at the same time. The material is super soft and they wash well. We have all of the boy colors!” - T. Perry

“SOOOOOO cute! And prevents my LO's drool rash from coming back.” - Carly K.

“These are the best! Much cuter than ugly bibs for my drooly 7 month old girl. They are adorable and fashionable and soft and they wash and dry with the rest of her clothes. No issues whatsoever.” - Sarah R.

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